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Name / Title Office Telephone / Email
Eric Almonte
Assistant Vice President, Unit Leader
Major Gifts 215-571-4517
Lauren Gentzler Anglum
Executive Director of Development, CoE, CCI, BIOMED
Major Gifts 215-895-1304
Elsa Aponte
Department Administrator, FCR
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-6652
Susan Baren-Pearson
Director of Development, Affinity Groups
Major Gifts 215-571-4097
Kelly Batstone
Executive Director, Donor Relations
Donor Relations 215-895-6323
Reginald Battles
Associate Director, Gift Records
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-2619
Grace Beebe
Director, Gift Planning
Gift Planning 215-895-1248
Sara Beegoo
Assistant Editor
Marketing and Communications 215-895-0348
John Bernat
Executive Director
Major Gifts 215-571-4662
Chris Bertone
Alumni Relations 215-571-4085
Saieda Bethea
Membership Services Associate
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-405-1542
Rosie Blair
Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Thomas Kline School of Law
Major Gifts 215-571-4735
Chrissy Bowdren
Associate Director, Regional Networks
Alumni Relations 215-895-2610
Andi Bricklin
Associate Director, Digital Marketing
Marketing and Communications 215-895-2604
Christopher Brittin
Vice President, Development
Major Gifts 215-895-6427
Cricket Brosius
Associate Vice President, Liberal Arts/Affinity Groups
Major Gifts 215-895-1059
Susan Buonfiglio
Assistant Director, Records Management
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-1694
Brett M. Burchette, Ed.D.
LeBow College of Business | Close School of Entrepreneurship | Center for Sport Management
Major Gifts 215-571-3531
Sarah Cardwell
Associate Director of Development, CoB
Major Gifts 215-571-3845
Jenny Carolina-Bell
Director, College & Schools Partnerships & Affinity Groups
Alumni Relations 215-895-6317
Lauren Cautilli
Student Employee, Alumni Relations CoM
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-895-1309
Monica Cawvey Gallagher
Vice President, ANS
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1013
Marilyn Chandler
Assistant Director, Internal Operations, CoM&HA
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2235
Harry Childs
Oracle Report Writer II
Information Services 215-571-4530
Chih-Hung Cho
Web Developer
Marketing and Communications 215-895-1236
Colleen Christy
Associate Director, Development, CoAS
Major Gifts 215-571-3597
Fanny Chu-Fong
Executive Director, Regional Networks
Alumni Relations 215-895-2793
Meg Clifton North
Assistant Vice President
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-3790
Debora Lee Clower
Assistant Vice President, Presidential Advisory Councils
Presidential Councils 215-571-3794
Hannah Cook
Assistant Director, Graphic Design
Marketing and Communications 215-895-1674
Tanya Cooper
Business Analyst
Advancement Services 215-895-2704
Steffie Crowther
Executive Director, Development, LeBow CoB
Major Gifts 267-505-8625
Asha K. Davis
Prospect Information Analyst
Prospect Development 215-895-6462
Janee DeAndrea
Executive Director of Finance & Administration
Finance & Administration 215-895-0338
Kerry DiBlasio
Assistant Vice President, Athletics, Affinity Groups & Regional Development
Major Gifts 215-571-3803
Kayla DiGiovanni
Director of IA Finance
Finance & Administration 215-895-2375
Jessica Doheny
Assistant Director, Internal Operations
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-571-3549
Delaney Dorsey
Program Coordinator, Drexel Fund
Drexel Fund 215-895-4905
Kaylyn Edelman
Assistant Events Manager
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-895-0982
Anne Estey
Executive Copywriter
Major Gifts 215-895-2962
Bridget Everman
Donor Relations 215-895-2999
Lindsay Fiesthumel
Director of Membership and Appeals
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1011
Rob Fisher
Associate Director, Development, Athletics
Major Gifts 215-571-4487
Sarah Flanigan
Associate Director
Prospect Development 215-571-4301
Donna Frithsen
Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Campaign Strategy & Operations
Senior VP 215-571-3574
Lara Geragi
Senior Editor
Marketing and Communications 215-895-0983
Dan Giroux
Executive Director, Development, Marketing & Communications
Marketing and Communications 215-895-0230
Ken Goldman
Senior Associate Vice President, President Initiative
Major Gifts 215-895-2607
Jodie L. Haak
Associate Director of Health Sciences, FCR
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2371
Joyce Haas
Executive Assistant
Senior VP 215-895-1261
Bridget Hanna
Administrative Coordinator, CoB, CH&SM
Major Gifts 215-571-3816
Ellen Herlich
Associate Director, Gift Compliance
Donor Relations 215-571-3801
Gail S. Hoeflich
Campaign Manager
Finance & Administration 215-571-3582
Elizabeth Howanski
Executive Assistant
Major Gifts 215-571-3849
Chris Jackiewicz
Associate Director of Development, COE, CCI, BIOMED
Major Gifts 215-571-4274
Janeile Johnson
Associate Director, Alumni Relations, Young Alumni & Student Programs
Alumni Relations 215-571-3693
Pam Jones
Campaign Systems Coordinator
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-405-5078
Gilbert Kaddu
Co-Op, Prospect Development
Prospect Development
Emily L. Kahn
Director, Prospect Analytics
Prospect Development 215-895-1908
Aileen Kain
Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1045
Shelley Kardon
Executive Director, Prospect Development
Prospect Development 215-895-0484
Nancy B. Katz
Executive Director, Strategic Relations
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-0984
Stephanie Katz
Campaign Administrative Assistant
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1182
Michael Kay
Proposal Writer
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-0326
Vale Kenny
Assistant Director, User Services
Information Services 215-895-6912
Gina Kerwin
Associate Director, Presidential Councils
Presidential Councils 215-895-6465
Christina Klassis
Data Base & Reporting Coordinator
Alumni Relations 215-571-3836
Lauren Knoll
Associate Director, Alumni Career Services and Lifelong Learning
Alumni Relations 215-895-5829
Allison Kowalski
Associate Director, Development
Major Gifts 215-895-0957
Nik Kozel
Director of Development, Westphal CoMAD
Major Gifts 215-895-0268
Christiana Kugel
Development Associate, CoAS, CoMAD, Law School
Major Gifts 215-571-4032
Erica Land
Manager of Stewardship & Events
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1115
Ivy Lane
Executive Director
Drexel Fund 215-895-2616
David Lanza
Associate Director, Regional Networks
Alumni Relations 215-571-3823
Cindy Leesman
Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations 215-895-2700
Lexi Liebes
Co-Op, Graphic Design
Marketing and Communications
Angel Lugo
Program Coordinator, Gift Accounting
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-2438
Maria Luszcz
Director, Marketing Services
Marketing and Communications 215-895-1039
Claire M. Lutz
Gift Accounting Specialist
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-895-5962
Eileen Lydon
Associate Director, Administrative Operations
Finance & Administration 215-895-2198
Sarah Lydon
Assistant Director, Prospect Development
Prospect Development 215-571-3532
Ginene Mahoney
Administrative Assistant, Outreach
Outreach 215-895-4942
Christine Mangat
Director, Alumni Engagement & Reunion Giving
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-895-5844
Bernardo Margulis
Creative Director
Marketing and Communications 215-571-3829
Katie Marquardt
Membership Coordinator
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1009
Casey Marsella
Associate Director, Corporate Engagement
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-0329
Christine McAuliffe
Associate Director, Development, Corporate Engagement, STEM
Major Gifts 215-895-2794
Brenna McBride
Executive Director, Foundations
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-895-1843
Kate McGovern
Associate Director, Drexel Fund, CoM/HA
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2230
Kevin McNamara
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Major Gifts 215-895-6827
Bernadette McNulty
Executive Director, FCR-COM
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-762-2203
Elizabeth Miller
Drexel Fund 215-571-4366
Monica Miller
Associate Director, Prospect Development
Prospect Development 215-895-1982
Mary Moran
Associate Director, Development, Athletics
Major Gifts 215-571-4067
Elizabeth Moyer
Assistant Director
Donor Relations 215-895-1525
Julia Mullen
Proposal Writer/Prospect Researcher, FCR. CoM
Foundation and Corporate Relations 215-762-2940
Pearce Muncy
Associate Director, User Services
Information Services 215-895-1528
Liana Nathan
Program Coordinator
Drexel Fund 215.571.4262
Caitlin O'Brien
Development Coordinator
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-405-5079
Sharon O'Malley
Development Associate, Gift Planning
Gift Planning 215-895-2114
Aruna Pappu
Director of Development
Gift Planning 215-895-1929
Abigail Parsons
Administrative Coordinator
Major Gifts 215-895-2702
Devon Pasha
Associate Events Manager for Alumni Relations
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-571-4084
Andrea Pesce
Executive Director of Development
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2205
Darin Pfeifer
Executive Director, Protocol and Special Events
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-895-2138
Sarah Pierson
Development Associate, Protocol and Special Events
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-571-4281
Priya Ratneshwar
Editorial Director
Marketing and Communications 215-895-1063
Carla Robinson
Marketing and Communications
Andrea Rowe
Individual Giving Manager
Academy of Natural Sciences 215-299-1122
Dana Russo
Associate Director, Presidential & Principal Gifts, Stewardship
Donor Relations 215-895-2744
Jessica Schane Baker
Executive Director, Gift Accounting/Records Management
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-571-4031
Brooke Schostak
Director of Development, Drexel Hillel
Major Gifts 215-571-4847
Matthew Schwab
Director, Leadership Annual Giving
Leadership Annual Giving 215-895-1712
Lisa Shapiro
Associate Director, Data Integrity
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-571-3566
Asia Sharp
Assistant Director, Financial Operations
Finance & Administration 215-895-2746
Debra Shaw
Technical Resource Associate, User Services
Information Services 215-571-3533
Neeharika Simha
Marketing and Communications
Aubree Snader
Director, Office of Protocol
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-895-2389
Meredith Strom
Co-Op, Digital Marketing
Marketing and Communications
James Sumner
Records Specialist
Gift Accounting/Records Management 215-571-3844
Elisa Sutton
Oracle Report Writer
Information Services 215-895-1524
William Swoope
Events Director, Office of Protocol
Office of Protocol and Special Events 215-895-0333
Bonnie Taylor
Associate Director, Development CoM/HA
College of Medicine and Health Affairs 215-762-2206
David Toll
Sr. Associate Vice President
Gift Planning 215-895-4982
Wendy Univer
Campaign Communications Manager
Marketing and Communications 215-895-0411
David L. Unruh
Senior Vice President
Senior VP 215-895-2436
Lauren Villanueva
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations 215-571-3644
Betsy Winter-Hall
Associate Vice President, Outreach
Outreach 215-571-4030
Gerry Young
Department Administrator, Athletics, Affinity Groups
Major Gifts 215-895-1389
Michelle Yurko
Associate Vice President, STEM
Major Gifts 215-571-4477



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