Samuella Takyi-Buachie, LeBow '17

Aiming to make a huge impact on global health

Samuella Takyi-Buachie, LeBow ’17

Underneath the signature on her emails, Samuella Takyi-Buachie places three words: Ethics, Resilience, Ambition. They serve as her personal brand and express the core principles in her life that have led her to a Liberty Scholarship at LeBow School of Business.

Samuella Takyi-Buachie, LeBow ’17
Samuella Takyi-Buachie, LeBow ’17

While earning her BS/BA in Finance and Marketing with a minor in International Economics, she finished two terms earlier than planned and graduated in December 2017.

Samuella was born into a close-knit family in Ghana, West Africa, and moved to Philadelphia when she was 11. Her parents instilled ethics from an early age, she explains, and resilience was necessary to survive. 

“When you experience so much at a young age — death, moving to a different continent — you learn to thrive in the face of obstacles and focus on the big picture."

Quote-gradient My mission in life is to make a huge impact on global health
Samuella Takyi-Buachie, LeBow ’17

As for ambition, it is evident in her accomplishments and radiates from her beaming smile, elegant posture and polished professionalism.

At LeBow, Samuella chose the three co-op, five-year program, allowing her to experience work inside three prestigious corporations — SAP, Google and PricewaterhouseCoopers — and to return to Ghana. There, she worked at a health and education-focused nonprofit and steered the organization’s marketing efforts.

In every situation, Samuella gave her all and she says that her learning skyrocketed on co-ops such as serving as a Technology Consulting Intern at PwC.

"I was the first-ever Google Student Ambassador for Drexel University," she adds, "Because of my efforts, Google now actively recruits from Drexel.”

Blogging, catering and changing the world.

While excelling in school and at work, Samuella began blogging to share her experiences. Her West African home cooking of dishes such as Jollof Rice was such a hit, she launched a catering company as well.

She is also a member of the Drexel African Students Association and an ambassador for the Center for Scholar Development in the Pennoni Honors College.

Looking to the future, Samuella says: "My mission in life is to make a huge impact on global health." Having witnessed loved ones die when she was very young, she emphasizes universal access to care and early health education.

She also champions school for young girls and technology-based solutions for healthcare disparities.

Her rigorous LeBow training has given her the tools to examine supply-chain issues, demand accountability and revamp policy. In 10 years she sees herself in an executive position at an international health organization. The difference she makes will trace a direct line back to Drexel supporters. 

Samuella notes that her Liberty Scholarship, "allowed me to focus on doing well and to become that global leader." Since the scholarship covers 100 percent of tuition, it lifted a huge financial burden from her family.

Whether she now pursues a Master's degree in public health or returns to one of her co-op employers who have already offered her a full-time position, Samuella is destined to make the future a healthier, more promising place.

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