Gifts of Securities

Drexel University Tax ID (EIN): 23‐1352630

You can make your mark on the future and empower Drexel University to reach its potential by donating a gift of your appreciated securities.

If you’ve owned a publicly traded stock for more than a year, you can donate it to Drexel University, which is a registered nonprofit organization. In so doing, you will benefit from two major tax breaks:

  • an exemption from paying capital gains on its appreciated value; and
  • a deduction on your federal income tax based on the security’s current fair market value, no matter what you originally paid for it.

When you make a gift of securities, Drexel sells your stock and uses the proceeds to support the area or program you designate. You can make a gift of securities that benefits the University immediately, or a delayed gift that benefits Drexel in the future and generates revenue for you now. Learn more about your options here.

Securities and Wire Transfer Procedures [PDF]

Send a Wire Stock Transfer

You may transfer securities through DTC (the Depository Trust Company) to Drexel’s account at our broker, UBS Financial Services Inc. Before the wire transfer is made, please fill out the Securities and Cash Transfer Information Form [PDF] and email to:

Designate the wire transfer as follows:

Account Name: Drexel University
DTC # 0221
Account # B1 84940
Tax ID # 23-1352630

Send a Wire Mutual Funds Transfer

If you are transferring a mutual fund, you may transfer it through DTC as noted above, as long as it is DTC eligible. If it is not DTC eligible, your broker should contact Carrie A. Cannon, CEPA, Drexel’s UBS broker, at 610.382.3029 or 1.800.345.7941 and get a Bank Identification Number (BIN) for the transfer.

Send a Wire Cash Transfer

In order to make a wire transfer to Drexel University, please contact Reggie Battles at 215.895.1694 or for additional instructions.

Please be sure to inform your financial institution to include the following information in the description of the transfer:

Donor Name
Purpose of Gift
Donor's contact person in Development Office

Before the wire transfer is made, please fill out the Securities and Cash Transfer Information Form [PDF] and email to:

Please don’t hesitate to contact our UBS representative, Carrie A. Cannon, CEPA, at 610.382.3029 or 1.800.345.7941 if you encounter problems with your wire transfer. Thank you for supporting Drexel University!

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