Planning for the Future: Does Your Family Know Where Your Important Information Is?


We have all heard them - the horror stories about the confusion that can result from settling the affairs of a loved one who has died. Along with coping with grief, there can be what seems like a million other matters to deal with, from canceling credit cards to assisting executors in handling the estate.

And while most people know and understand the importance of having a will which clearly outlines their final intentions, many of us do not give much thought to the difficulties that can arise for those who are left to deal with the tasks that we complete on a daily basis.

Think of the difference that it would make to your family members and executors if you could provide this important information to them ahead of time. Instead of wasting precious time searching for bank account numbers, phone numbers, addresses and other important information, they would have everything contained in one place, making their tasks much easier. Compiling personal information regarding your assets, advisors and key contacts can be a vital part of the estate planning process.

As we continue to age, it can become difficult to recall everything that we once knew and while we may not like to admit it, it only makes sense to write down the important stuff and keep it in one place. Without the knowledge that only you can provide, your heirs may be deprived of what you worked hard to obtain and what they are entitled to receive.

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To receive a free Estate Information Organizer where you can record all of this important information for your survivors, please contact David Toll, JD, senior associate vice president, in Drexel University’s Office of Gift Planning at (215) 895-1882 or

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