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Help make graduation possible for a Drexel junior or senior with a gift of any amount.

Operation Graduation

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Operation Graduation is a source of emergency funding for juniors and seniors facing unexpected financial circumstances that might prevent them from graduating with a Drexel degree.

For students who have exhausted all other financial resources, Operation Graduation makes graduation possible. Recipients are hardworking students who have done all of the work to graduate, but who:

  • Experience the death of a parent or unexpected loss of income from injury or illness
  • Experience a natural disaster in their hometown
  • Are DACA recipients who have been unable to receive federal or private loans
  • Find themselves in other unforeseen circumstances that make it impossible for them to make final tuition payments
Quote-gradient Earlier this year, I lost my home unexpectedly and was unable to afford the remainder of my tuition. This was devastating - the stress of not having a home was compounded by the stress of having to potentially drop out. Thankfully, I qualified for an Operation Graduation grant... I'm so grateful to every Drexel donor that supported me.
- Joe R., Class of 2020

Most Operation Graduation grants are about $2,500 per term. That amount can make a world of difference to a student whose dreams of graduating and starting a career are suddenly jeopardized.

You can help make graduation possible for a Drexel junior or senior with a gift of any amount.

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