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Why Now

Over 125 years ago, the Industrial Revolution inspired Anthony J. Drexel to create a new kind of education: inclusive, pragmatic, interdisciplinary and future-oriented. Drexel’s proudly-urban college trained workers who were also thinkers.

Today, Drexel graduates must embrace the challenges and opportunities of a world that changes even more rapidly. In the current digital revolution, new technologies upend entire industries and reshape economies. Climate change threatens the very existence of some regions, while it robs others of water, agriculture and wildlife. And disparities in health, education and computer-literacy deepen the divides that separate people from opportunity and each other.

Why Drexel

More than ever, this world needs Drexel University — an ambitious, vibrant community of innovators, striving to make life better and ensuring that talented students from every background still have access to the best education.

With world-class research, we embrace local and global challenges. Forging solutions, we break through traditional academic silos and nurture campus-community partnerships. The Drexel Co-op – an unparalleled integration of workplace immersion and curricular innovation – anchors our distinct model of experiential education. We also provide rich opportunities for research, entrepreneurship and civic engagement. These experiences ensure that students become leaders in the classroom, the workplace, the community and wherever they go.

Why Give

With your support, our students and faculty are not just responding to tomorrow’s challenges; they are fundamentally shaping what tomorrow looks like.

Your investment in Drexel can:

  • Provide scholarships and co-op stipends to ensure that a true Drexel education is accessible to students from all backgrounds.
  • Pioneer approaches in teaching and learning so that our alumni continue to shape the future.
  • Expand impactful interdisciplinary research, which enriches opportunities for graduate students, enhances Drexel's reputation, and jumpstarts new industries and growth.
  • Maximize the social impact of Drexel innovations and community partnerships that enhance lives everywhere.

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JOIN US in this unprecedented opportunity to take Drexel to the next level.

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