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Create and name your scholarship with a commitment of $25,000, payable over up to 5 years.

Betsy Winter Hall

Associate Vice President, Engagement

Impact Now Scholarship

Scholarships with outsized impact, personalized by you.

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What if you knew you could make it possible for a student to continue or deepen their education at Drexel, with a scholarship you established and personalized? With Impact Now, you can create and name a scholarship in just a few minutes, all online. As soon as you do, your scholarship will be matched with a Drexel student and start making an impact!

You can set up your own Impact Now scholarship by making a gift of at least $400 online today and committing to an investment of $25,000 or more. You can choose the schedule and timeline that works best for you.

Fund your scholarship with a personalized payment schedule, for example:

Payment Schedule: 5 Years

  Payments Amount
Monthly 60 $417
Quarterly 20 $1,250
Annually 5 $5,000


Payment Schedule: 3 Years

  Payments Amount
Monthly 36 $695
Quarterly 12 $2,083
Annually 3 $8,333

Use these examples to select your preferred payment in the option below to fund your new scholarship.

How it works

When you set up your Impact Now scholarship, you’ll have the option to choose the area of support, your payment schedule, and the name of your scholarship. It’s all online and takes just a few minutes.

  1. Choose the student’s scholarship area or participating program fund you want to support.
  2. Set your total amount and payment schedule – up to 5 years.
  3. Name your Impact Now scholarship!
  4. Make your first payment of $400 or more today.

That’s it! When the total funding reaches $2,500, a Drexel student will be matched with your scholarship and receive the best message: They’ve been awarded an Impact Now scholarship, thanks to you! As an Impact Now donor, you’ll receive information about the students who benefit from your scholarship each year.

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What if I'm not ready to make an Impact Now commitment?

Impact Now starts with commitments of $25,000, with $400 gift today payable over a 5-year period. That said, if you're not ready to commit to naming a scholarship, you can make an immediate impact on students with a gift of any amount.

Questions about Impact Now? Contact Betsy Winter Hall, Associate Vice President of Engagement, at

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